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Everyone takes part with their unique musical expression and personality, carefully absorbing all other contributions, so making music becomes a constant game of give and take. No one is replaceable. As soon a new musician joins in a new kind of music is being created. This means communication on the highest level; for me, singing means expressing my soul.

Nicole Metzger stays true to her creed and takes her audience on a rollercoaster ride of intense emotion: sometimes cheerful, sometimes in love, full of melancholy, always full of intensity. You can feel the love and longing, the sorrow, the joy.

Nicole’s voice is versatile, full of facets and not to describe in one word.  It ranges from  bluesy and soulful  to crystal clear, imaginative,  adaptable, yet always spot on pitch.

She can use her voice playfully, is a master of scat improvisation and skillfully juggles with melodic material, thus each time sparking off enthusiasm in her audiences.

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